The Surgeon Delay


Thursday, 13 December 2018

Introducing “The Architect V3”

Written by Rick Mathews


is the evolution of our Architect overdrive. Built on on the foundations of those that have come before us i wanted to continue to push the limits of how we could make this product really our own and not just ride on the wave of the original.

You can create layered, clean boosts to dynamically push your amp with powerful EQ dialing, or crank the gain and shake the very earth! There is always more to discover and build on!


The Architect V3 now has a independant true bypass boost control! Choose between a Silicon or Mosfet boost to perfectly cater to your needs and find which one you like the best!


The EQ in the Architect V3 gives you active control over the Treble, Mids and Lows. Acitvely boost or cut these frequincies to dynamically shape your guitars tone to perfectly match your guitar/amp combination.

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