The Surgeon Delay


Friday, 21 December 2018

Updates to the Astronomer, Cosmonaut and Chemist

Written by Rick Matthews


With improving and upgrading our production process and pcb designs it gave us the opportunity to sneak in a couple small changes.


We moved the switches that select what algorithm is active to the side of the pedal making the top less clutered and protected more from accidental changes.


As a last minute nod to always trying to improve and advance ourselves we have added expression control on the bottom row “tails/formula” control. This means that if you have the expression pedal plugged in the top row will ignore the expression control and only use what you have set the knob to. If you then jump to the bottom row it will be controlled by the expression allowing you to dynamically change your reverb, delay, chorus, phaser or octave (depending on which pedal you are using) to fit your needs even better in a live scenerio.


This really depends on if these three changes are important to you. New and updated PCB design, we moved switches and the expression control. If those aren’t important to you then stay with what you have and check out our other new offerings! We always want to serve your needs and only provide the things you truly need!

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