The Surgeon Delay


Sunday, 10 February 2019

My 2019 Journey EP-1 NAMM 2019

Written by Rick Mathews

I knew early on this was going to be a awesome NAMM but man was it a crazy ride. We flew in for NAMM 2 weeks early to make sure our NAMM booth was exactly how I wanted it for the show, flew home and then flew back out for the NAMM show. 

In EP-1 we give you some snippets from this journey and experience. I’m starting this new video series to document the different trips and experiences I will be having this year trying to make waves in the epdal industry for 2019. 

Join us on this journey! Subscribe to our youtube channel and social media channels to stay up to date when new episodes come out!. 
Here is EP-1, Enjoy!

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