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have a visual way to map the button hits in the editor so you know what button hit sends what MIDI messages


I want to use this with Ableton Live, and in the Mathews editor I just want an easy way to map a button hit to the MIDI message I'm sending, the way that DataLooper does it. I like the DataLooper config that lets you click on an image of the physical button on the device and set it up to send up to 3 MIDI messages per hit of that foot button thing. I bought this because it lets me send up to 16 messages but I have no clue from the editor what button on the box sends messages when I hit it with my foot. I found a bad tutorial online that should just start out immediately at least explaining what the buttons actually do. I only got that you get a menu by holding 2 buttons together. But then, well, what do I hit to actually send the message? No one seems to know how to explain things to someone that is looking at the thing for the first time.

Topic starter Posted : 30/06/2021 6:25 pm
Rick Matthews
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Hey Effie! 

I'm so sorry for the confusion on how to send messages, we had a ton of content planned and then our factory had a fire and its just really thrown our game off as we have been figuring things out. 

When you first boot up on the pedal the screen it stays on is called your "Home" screen. This screen shows the names of presets in the first bank. If you press any of the footswitches and release it will send any data that is in that preset. If the preset is empty nothing will happen, if you have programmed messages into that preset it will send out those messages. 

You can use the computer editor or program messages directly on the device. Once you have saved that preset to the device and return to the home screen you activate those presets from there! 

Here is a link to the online manual

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