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The Best And Safesest Youth Football Helmets
The Best And Safesest Youth Football Helmets
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Are youth football helmet ratings important? It is widely considered that the use of head protection on the game has significantly reduced over the years. Many studies show that concussions are more common than they were 20 years ago due to players less care and attention when playing the sport. Some even consider rugby players to be at a higher risk because they play the game with their heads down.


Youth football helmets were not always as safe. In fact, in some parts of the U.S. the helmets were deemed not safe at all. Parents began complaining about them and the manufacturers took notice, quickly producing safer helmets. They quickly put the sales back on top of the list and it is now a buyers market. While it is true that the safest youth football helmets are produced by name brands, it is also true that they are manufactured cheaply.


Not long ago I was talking to a high school coach who was going through his P.E. reviews and noticed that he had never seen a high school player break a jaw or suffer an injury from a football helmet. He was surprised to see that his team did not have one. A kid broke his hand using a cheap helmet and since he was working with kids, he did not feel comfortable discussing it. The coach was dead serious though that there were way too many safety issues with youth football helmets.


He went on to say that the best youth football helmet ratings did not even come close to the injuries that our players experience. We did not have any of those problems. Our players do not break bones or suffer nerve damage. The problem is that the helmets we use do not protect the players like they should.


You might as well ask which came out on top as far as the safety ratings go when you compare the youth football helmets. It was the riddell youth football helmet. You might have never heard of riddell unless you surf the internet. The company that makes it has been in business for over a hundred years and is trusted among athletes, parents, and institutions.


Riddell makes youth football helmet products that are certified by the NCCA, the largest medical organization in the United States. They also make padding and throw downs as well as other protective gear. Their other products include gloves, eye pads, and mouth guards. They have a great selection of products that are suitable for all skill levels and of course offer the best prices around.


In my opinion the best youth football helmet is the Schutzhund sport shield. It is one of the safest helmets you can get and also comes with a guarantee. The helmet is made of the best material and it also takes the smallest amount of space in your locker. They also have great designs that will keep your kids safe and secure.


When you compare the youth football helmet brands I would suggest you consider the Schutzhund Sport Revenge Helmets, the Riddell Spirit youth helmet and the Schutt Sports Reapoid youth football helmet. All are top of the line helmets that have taken every award imaginable and have the best designs on the market. If you want the best price and the most durable helmet then choose one of these three brands.


The best thing about the Schutzhund Sport Revenge helmet is that is has an EPS cover. This is an air filled foam that protects the players body from hard hits. It is designed with an open face for maximum impact absorption and has side vents to release unwanted steam. It is made by the world leader in sports injuries prevention, Schutt. They are the official manufacturers of the Schutzhund sport protective equipment and have been supplying them to schools, colleges and even recreational sports for many years.


The Riddell Spirit is the other best youth football helmets available. It is made by the world leader in sports safety helmets, Bell & Ross. They have very good cheekbones and straps that fit tight so they do not loosen up during a hard tackle. It also has an EPS liner that absorbs impact well, has multiple side vents to release unwanted steam and has an over bite.


There is another name brand football helmet that is made by Schutt which is called the Schutt Pro helmet. This is also a youth football helmet that protects the player's head and has some unique features. The main feature is that it has an EPS lined chin strap which is an added benefit for a better fit and is more comfortable. The helmet also has chin straps on each side of the helmet that help to keep the chinstrap secure and to hold up the chinstrap in place, which is important when dealing with aggressive teens or even younger children. They have shock absorbing foam in the cheek pads for added protection and have chamois to protect the cheeks from injury.

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