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Pedal not showing up as “connected” in editor

Sherri Hammons
New Member Customer

Hi, I am trying to connect my Futurist pedal to my computer (I have tried my MacBook and my iMac, same results).  It never connects and doesn’t show up on any of my computer USB ports.  Is there some new way to try it?  (I don’t have a screen show, but the right upper shows “No Device Connected.”  


Thank you!

Topic starter Posted : 25/05/2021 4:40 pm
Sherri Hammons
New Member Customer

For more info:  I am running MacOS Big Sur 11.1 


I factory reset the pedal, but still doesn't recognize it when I plug into either my MacBook or my iMac.  My computers DO recognize other pedals.  

Topic starter Posted : 25/05/2021 6:41 pm
Rick Matthews
Member Admin

Hey Sherri! 


Thats definitely weird! Have you tried a different cable just in case that might be a issue? 

Its possible there might be a issue but want to make sure we eliminate every option before having it come in. 

Its a me...the owner

Posted : 28/05/2021 1:25 pm