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Matthews Effects Editor Manual





Table of Contents




Manual Version




Preset Organizer:



“New” Loads a new blank file for the Preset Organizer. This will let you create and organize presets from scratch.

Clear Banks

“Clear Banks” will remove all presets from the Presets Bank list on the left side of the application.

Open File

“Open File” lets you choose a saved file to load into the “Preset Organizer”. This is great for organizing multiple versions of your banks for quick loading into your Futurist.

Save File

“Save File” will save everything from “Preset Organizer” into a file that you can share with others or re-load at a later time.

Load from Futurist

This will pull all the presets from the Futurist hardware onto the Editor software for you to edit or re-organize.

Save to Futurist

This will push all your Banks/Preset changes to the Futurist.

Preset Banks

This is the organization list on the left hand side of the screen. This lets you drag and drop presets from the Preset Organizer directly onto the locations you want for your Futurist MIDI Controller.



Preset Editor

Bank Select

This will let you choose the bank for the preset you are editing.

Preset Select

“Preset Select” lets you choose which preset in the selected bank will be edited.

Preset Name

Use this to create a unique name for your preset.


Not sure if the message you created is correct? Create your MIDI message and with the Futurist plugged in hit the “Audition” button to see in real time if the message creates the action you were wanting. If it doesn’t than adjust your MIDI message until you get the desired effect and save the preset.

Preset Description

This is a unique description that will be stored in the Editor but also on the Futurist when you save the preset to the hardware. This description will come up later on if you load your presets from the device letting you always know exactly what the preset was built for.

Preset Messages 1-16

Here you can select which message of the preset you want to edit. You have a maximum of 16 messages you can send per preset.


“Mode” lets you choose between

  • None – This will set that message as blank.
  • Manual – This lets you manually choose the type of message you want to use and put in MIDI values. This mode is best for experienced MIDI users.
  • Smart – We have created a easy workflow that makes programming your products as easy as possible. Simply choose the Brand, Model and the action you want to take and the Editor will auto generate the message for you so you can focus on playing rather than programming.
  • Custom – “Custom” gives you access to your MIDI message shortcuts. If you find yourself programming the same message across multiple presets this is a great way to create the message with 1 click! Again making the programming process as short and pain free as possible.


For every preset you have “Expression” settings that you can edit. Set whether the expression settings are On/Off, the MIDI channel of the device you want to control and finally the CC# of the control you want adjust through expression.


You can set the “Utility” settings to program the “Utility Jack” to act as a tap pulse for you device that accept a tap input or program the jack to act as a switch to control things like the channel on your amp or any option that accepts a switch input. For a tap pulse you can choose a BPM and for a switch change you can choose to control the Tip, Ring or both.

MIDI Clock

“MIDI Clock” settings lets you adjust the global MIDI Clock settings for the Futurist. You can turn these settings On/Off for the preset, Choose to “Start Clock” or “Stop Clock” on press and choose a new BPM.

Update “Preset”

If you are editing a existing preset “Update (Preset)” will let you update everywhere that preset is saved (for instance if you have the preset saved to 7 different banks this will update all of those presets.

Save as new

If you edited a preset and want to save it as a unique new preset choose this option. Maybe you used a existing preset as a starting point but don’t want the original preset to change. This lets you create a fresh new preset without affecting the original.


This will clear everything to its default state so you can create a new preset from scratch. This does not affect any preset selected at the time.


“Cancel” will clear everything in the “Preset Editor” and take you to the “Preset Organizer” .



Smart Creators


Smart Device Creator

For each block you have a “+” and an “Edit” button. “+” will allow you to create a new item for that category and “Edit” will allow you to edit existing entries.


This is the brand level of organization for entries. Create new ones for your library or edit existing ones.


This is the Model level of organization for entries. Specific products will be listed here that you can edit or organize.


Actions are the actual MIDI messages that are saved inside a product entry.

Merge from Cloud

Merge from Cloud allows you to pull Brands from our curator and confirmed database of MIDI messages. Choose the brands that you want access to in the “Preset Editor”

Merge from File

Merge from File allows you load in custom databases created by others. Gain access to messages that are not already in the Cloud database or use this to help the verification process for adding messages to the official database.

Export Selection

Use this option to export and share your database creations. Post to our forum for verification and addition to the official cloud database.


Custom Message Creator

Creating a MIDI message shortcut

Enter in a custom name, choose the mode for creating the MIDI message and create a MIDI message like you would in the “Preset Editor”. Once you have finished choose “Done” to save this creation. This will be added to the “Futurist” hardware and Editor as a programming shortcut.



Pedal board Creator

Naming a MIDI Channel

Listed on this screen is the 16 available MIDI channels. For each channel you can assign your own unique name. We recommend naming channels after the pedals on your pedal board that are set to that channel so you don’t have to remember/keep track of what pedal is set to what when you are creating new presets. The named MIDI channels will show up in the “Preset Editor” to make programming for your pedals as easy as possible.

Clear Names

This will clear all names in the creator reset them to blank.


This will save your MIDI channel names.


Global Settings




Foot switch settings

1-4 represents the 4 different on-board foot switches on the futurist. Choose between the different available options for each switch to assign different functions such as “Tap” or “Bank Up”.

Choose between:

      • Activate Preset
      • Bank Up
      • Bank Down
      • Preset Up
      • Preset Down
      • Tap: MIDI Clock
      • Tap: Utility + MIDI Clock


Display control


This lets you control the brightness of the screen for the Futurist. 1-10.


This lets you control the contrast of the screen for the Futurist. 1-10.



MIDI Clock

Set whether the Global “MIDI Clock” is On/Off and set what the global BPM should be.



Control Jack In

Set the “Control Jack” as either a “Expression Pedal” input or for a external “3 Button Switch”.



Utility Jack

      • Polarity

Set the “Utility Jack” to operate as a Normally Open (NO) or Normally Closed (NC) switch.

      • Switch type

Set whether the “Utility Jack” operates as a Latching switch (changes states when preset is pressed) or Momentary (only active while the preset switch is pressed).



Ext Foot Switch Settings

If “Control Jack In” is set as “Three Button Switch” then you can choose the function for each of those 3 switches. Choose between:

      • Activate Preset
      • Bank Up
      • Bank Down
      • Preset Up
      • Preset Down
      • Tap: MIDI Clock
      • Tap: Utility + MIDI Clock



Update Firmware:

“Update Firmware” will allow you to update your device by either using a file on your computer (Update From File) or pulling the most up to date firmware version directly from the internet (Update from Web). Either version will display patch notes and what updates/fixes the update achieves, If available. “Installed Firmware” tells you the current firmware on the device that is plugged in and “File Firmware” tells you the firmware version the device will be updated to.