The Surgeon Delay


"Do you have an artist program?"
We do not have an artist program.
"How fast will my order ship?"
Our shop is open Monday – Friday and we ship an order in 1-3 of our business days.
"My 2nd channel on my Astronomer/Cosmonaut isn't working"
Both switches have to be turned on for the 2nd row of controls to work. The bottom switch is your master bypass and the top switch selects which row of controls is active.
"What power supply does my pedal take?"
We recomend using a transformer isolated power supply for the best results with our pedals. Our favorites are “True Tone”, “Voodoo Labs”, “Strymon”
Do you still do the POG mod?
No we no longer offer it since we started offering the Chemist! It has two channels of octave controls you can switch between as well as phaser and chorus!