The Ghoul - Phantom Fuzz
The Ghoul - Phantom Fuzz

The Ghoul - Phantom Fuzz

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The Ghoul is a op-amp fuzz with a active 3 band eq with a parametric mid. Unlike any gain pedal we have made in the past both visually and sonically. I had already been toying with the circuit idea for the Ghoul when my wife Ashleigh came up with the vision for the Ghoul being a limited offering that was extra special. We designed the asthetic's together and is really the first product that we have collaborated on.

The Ghoul is limited to 50 for the first batch and if we sell through those a 2nd batch will be made maxing out at 99 units keeping 1 for ourselves.

Exlusive blood packaging, a signed certificate and unique message hand written by Rick for each one.

These are truly hand crafted by us with love  to you.


Unique Art Collaboration

For the Art we wanted to go a different route than what we had been doing so we collaborated with "dogged line design supply" for this exclusive experience that helps bring back the horror movies of our past.



A Classicly Inspired Gain Section

The gain section of the Ghoul is heavily inspired by vintage op-amp big muff's but with the ability to go farther. The Ghoul cleans up into a very powerful dirty boost that coupled with the active eq makes for a dynamic pedal that gives you more than a one trick monster. 

Active 3-Band Eq with Parametric Mid

Have full control over the sound of the ghoul with active lows, mids and highs that lets you boost or cut those freq. On top of that the Freq control lets you control what freq you are boosting or cutting with the mid control! Creat unique tones and textures!


Soft Touch Relay True Bypass

The Ghoul comes with soft touch true bypass which gives you a consistent noisefree experience. 



Controls are

  • Output: your overall volume
  • Bass: Cut or Boost the bass
  • Mid: Cut or Boost the mid's
  • Freq: choose the freq the Mid control is boosting or cutting
  • Treble: Cut or Boost the treble
  • Gain: The amount of fuzz


              • 3 band active eq with parametric mid
              • 9v 50ma
              • Top Hole Jacks
              • Click less True Bypass
              • 4.77" x 2.6" x 1.39" (121.1mm x 66mm x 35.3mm)