The Surgeon Delay


Harbinger Parametric Distortion

The Harbinger takes a classic rodent inspired distortion gain stage and pairs it with a unique parametric eq taking this style of circuit to a whole new level. The EQ comes before the gain stage giving you the ability to boost or cut the gain to certain frequencies.

Re-create classic tones but also create unique inspiring tones perfect for any pedalboard. The Harbinger excels at any style and will be your new favorite addition to your collection.

Let the Harbinger Herald your tone


Parametric EQ

Choose the freq and boost or cut it. Whats unique about the harbinger is the eq happens before the gain stage meaning your eq choices actually affects your gain as well.

Programable start state

Set whether you want it to always boot on, always boot off. Th pedal remembers the last state the pedal was in. 

Classic Rodent inspired gain stage

We took the gain stage from that classic rodent circuit and paired it with our parametric eq from the Cartographer. 



Controls the overall volume of the pedal


Adjust how much gain the pedal has.


Set the FREQ that the Cut/Boost control adjusts. Goes from 100 – 4kHz



Cut or boost the frequency set by the Freq control from -5 – +5

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Top mounted input and output jacks
9VDC Center Negative 100MA
2.67 X 4.77 X 1.55