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Matthews Effects Editor


The Matthews Effects Editor allows you to manage presets,update firmware and improve the control ability of your Matthews Effects products from the ease of your Mac or PC!


Requires Windows 10

MacOS 10.14 (Mojave)  or later




Can't Open on MAC

You can override your security settings and allow the app to install and open.

  1. Open Finder.
  2. Locate the Editor app
  3. Control+Click the app.
  4. Select Open.
  5. Click Open.
  6. The app should be saved as an exception in your security settings, allowing you to open it in the future.


Preset Organizer

Here you can organize the banks of memory on the futurist by dragging presets you have created onto different preset slots or pull presets from the hardware and re-organize them to different locations. Create Workspace's and export them to load in later for specific set lists/needs.



Preset Editor

is where you will edit presets created in the editor or created on the Futurist hardware unit. Adjust all options and parameters and even create a description for the preset that is stored on the pedal but only accessible on the editor .




Smart Creators

The Smart Creators tab houses the "Smart Device Creator", "Custom Message Creator" and the "Pedal Board Creator".
The "Smart Device Creator" Lets you manage the local device library for the "Smart Editor" feature in the "Preset Editor". Users can import products from a community built archive on the cloud or create their own and share them with the community.  The "Custom Message Creator" lets you create custom message shortcuts for messages you are programming repeatably. Instead of having to constantly re-create the full message users can just select the "Custom Message" and it will auto populate with their most used messages saving time and effort in programming their pedal boards.  The "Pedal Board Creator" allows the user to assign a name to the available MIDI channels with the name of the pedals that are set to that channel making keeping track of your pedalboard MIDI layout much easier and faster.





Global Settings

Lets you adjust all global settings for the Futurist including things like screen brightness and individual switch functions.





Manual: English



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