The Surgeon Delay


2022 Trick Or Treat Pre-order

What comes in a mystery box?

The Mystery

The Trick or Treat Mystery Box can be anything!!! It is a yearly tradition of Matthews Effects trying to make something special and unique for our community. Go in with a open mind and have fun!


We love stickers!! And we have some cool unique ones this year for the event.


There will be clear instructions to operate whatever comes in this thing.


When does it ship?

This years mystery box pre-order opens on Oct 31st and will ship the week of Black Friday. 

Will it be a stereo delay with midi and a computer editor?

We recommend going into a mystery box with no expectations as these can lead to disapointment. Keep in mind the price and enjoy the journey!

If I don't like it can I return it?

Because of the very nature of a mystery box we can’t accept returns