The Harbinger Distortion

The Harbinger Distortion

The Harbinger distortion answers the question what if you took the famous gain stage of the rat, mixed it with a parametric eq and then put that eq pre the gain stage instead of after. 

I had already released The Cartographer at the time of developing The Harbinger. I loved the wide range of tones that a parametric eq could give you and I wanted to see how that would interact with a higher gain pedal. Since you can sweep through the freq band you can subtly adjust your tone and find this really interesting extreme notches that resonate with your amp and guitar. 

We kept the gain stage as traditional as possible giving you that nice range from overdrive to thick distortion but since the eq is pre the gain stage and active, which means it boosts and cuts your signal, you are actively adjusting how how hot the signal is going into the gain stage. If you do hard cuts to tones you will lower the overall gain. If you boost hard then you will get even thicker distortion. 

The Harbinger has also found its home on many bass players rig. The eq allowing them to craft the gain to get amazing tones. 

Like most of my products I can't help but tweak, improve and adjust it over time seeing a few iterations. Its by far one of my favorite pedals I've developed and I hope you get a chance to try one out. 


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