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Matthews Effects

The Astronomer V2

The Astronomer V2

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Introducing the Astronomer Reverb by Matthews Effects, the ultimate pedal for adding depth and dimension to your guitar playing. With its versatile controls and high-quality sound, the Astronomer Reverb is the perfect addition to any guitar rig.
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  • Highlights

    Two independent reverbs in one

    Each of the Astronomer V2’s three original ambience algorithms can be assigned to and controlled from its two 3-knob control rows. So whether you want instant access to two entirely different textures — say, a dark hall or a bright angelic shimmer — or two different voicings for the same algorithm, Matthews Effects puts you in the observer’s chair of this versatile pedal. Choose between:

    • Canis Major — This echo-verb is custom-built for drones, swells, and atmosphere building. The Glow control brings up boatloads of angelic upper-octave shimmer effects.
    • Orion — In what Matthews Effects describes as the quintessential hall reverb, the Orion algorithm unleashes infinite halls of untold sizes. As with Canis Major, the Glow control makes it possible to enrich reverbs with a gorgeous shimmery tail.

    Tails/hard-cut bypass

    Whether you’re the type of player who likes your reverbs cut clean when you disable the pedal or the type who prefers your tails to linger after you step on the kill switch, the Matthews Effects Astronomer V2 has you covered. Hold both switches for 10 seconds to toggle bypass modes. Easy peasy.

    1/4" expression and alternate inputs

    The Astronomer V2 from Sweetwater gives you two additional options for getting the most out of your pedal. The 1/4" expression pedal input offers hands-free control of the Travel (decay) function of the second row of knobs for dynamic space control. Additionally, a 1/4" alternate output allows you to access the Astronomer V2’s FX toggle switch via remote switch anywhere on your pedalboard. Expression pedal and external switch sold separately.

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  • Technical


    Top Mounted Input And Output Jacks

    9VDC Center Negative 100MA

    2.5 X 4.5 X 1.5

  • Control Summary


    Allows you to sweep from 100% DRY to 100% WET


    The amount of shimmer


    The feedback of the reverb


    Press the lower footswitch to turn the pedal on/off.

    Alt Switch

    The "Upper" footswitch lets you toggle between the top row and bottom row.

    Alternate Jack

    This jack lets you control the "Alt" feature remotely with a TRS footswitch.


    Plug in a expression pedal to control the "Travel" of the lower row of knobs.