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Matthews Effects

The Chemist V2

The Chemist V2

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Matthews Effects' The Chemist Atomic Modulator is a do-it-all modulation lab in a guitar pedal with an analog-emulation chorus, a mind-altering phaser, and an organ-style polyphonic octaver. The fun starts with two rows of identical controls, allowing you to switch between the top and bottom row with the push of a button. With the controls always visible and editable on the fly, this works to give you the convenience of presets without having to deal with pesky programming or annoying menu diving. Set each row for a completely different sound — a lush chorus on one, for instance, and a phaser on the other — and alternate between them instantly with a toe tap. For each set of controls, there is a slide switch on the side of the pedal that lets you select either Cobalt, a classic lush chorus; Lithium, a polyphonic organ octave effect; or Iridium, a swirlicious phaser. Bend sonic reality to your will with Matthews Effects' The Chemist v2.
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  • Highlights

    2 Rows Of Controls

    The Chemist V2 is a 3 knob pedal with a 2nd row on knobs that you can toggle between. Like having a preset you can visually see this is great for users who want more flexibility without having to program anything!

    3 Modulation Algorithms

    • Chorus — Vintage analog inspired chorus that is warm
    • Phaser —The phaser is inspired by classic vintage phaser units.
    • Octave — The Octave has a very organ inspired warble to it that creates some amazing layers to your playing.

    Your Atomic Modulator

    From its rugged build quality and eye-catching graphics to its wide range of sounds and alternate settings, The Chemist v2 is one of the more innovative pedals we've seen here at Sweetwater. And keep in mind that we're constantly testing a staggering number of great pedals. We think Rick Matthews has come up with a winner here. The Chemist is impressively versatile and sounds pretty incredible. Atomic Modulator, indeed!


    Presets without menus or programming

    The Chemist's two rows of identical knobs consist of Reaction, which controls the mix of the effect; Catalyst, which controls the speed of the phaser and chorus and the mix of the upper octave; and Formula, which controls the delay time of the chorus, the resonance of the phaser, and the lower octave mix. You can independently select the algorithms for each row via the 3-position switches on the left side of the pedal. This gives you a quick and easy way to get two dynamic sounds on the fly.

    Alt Switch

    The Chemist's Alt footswitch lets you jump between the two rows of controls, giving you the advantages of presets without the frustration of having to deal with menus or programming. You can also control the soft-touch Alt and Bypass switches remotely using a TRS cable plugged into the Alt Out jack. Tip controls the Alt Switch, and ring controls the Bypass Switch. The pedal's analog dry path signal keeps your instrument's dry signal completely analog while mixing in the digital wet signal set via the Reaction knob. The Chemist also features an Expression pedal jack to dynamically control the Formula knob on the second row of controls. When you have an expression pedal TRS cable plugged in, this bypasses the physical knob.

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  • Technical


    Top Mounted Input And Output Jacks

    9VDC Center Negative 100MA

    2.67 X 4.77 X 1.55

  • Control Summary

    Reaction -Allows you to sweep from 100% DRY to 100% WET

    Catalyst - controls
    speed for Iridium
    and cobalt. Octave
    up mix for Lithium

    Formula - controls
    depth for Iridium and
    width for cobalt.
    Octave down mix
    for Lithium