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Nano Pog MIDI Mod

Nano Pog MIDI Mod

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****Please ship your pedal in a rigid box if shipping us your pedal****

"MOD Ours" - We purchase a POG for you and then mod it.

"MOD Yours" - You will send in your POG to get modded.

We take the POG and add a "Preset" indicator bulb, a MIDI In jack and a "Preset Select" footswitch. You can easily scroll through the first 3 presets with your "Preset Select" footswitch or use an external MIDI controller, like the "Futurist", to access the full 30 presets available in memory!


The POG Mod gives you 3 presets you can access with the provided "Preset Select" footswitch. By connecting a MIDI controller to the MIDI In jack you access all 30 of the internal presets giving you the maximum options for playing.


MIDI Features

PC messages: use PC messages to access all 30 presets! Simply send a pc message with the correct midi channel and the pog mod will jump to that preset!

CC messages: send CC messages to dynamically adjust the values of the controls!
CC0 - Dry
CC1 - Oct down
CC2 - Oct up
CC3 - Toggle Bypass


How to program a preset

Press and hold the preset switch to enter program mode. Your POG will either wait for a pc message from a external MIDI controller to program the corresponding preset (4-30) or another press from the preset switch will program either the red (Preset 1), green (Preset 2) or Blue(Preset 3), which ever one is currently active. Preset 1 (red) will be programmed by default if the currently active preset is neither red, blue, or green.


How to change its MIDI channel

The pog will default to MIDI channel 1 but if you want to change its channel simply send a pc message between 101-116. (101 = 1, 102 = 2, etc) and this will update the units MIDI channel.


Mod Process

Modifying a POG you already own:
Please print your order confirmation and include it in the box with your POG to avoid any confusion. Ship it to the provided address when you complete your order. We will carefully disassemble and modify your POG and then ship it back to you!
Please allow a 2 week turn around from when we receive your POG to complete your mod!

Shipping a brand new POG from a retailer straight to us:
When you order your POG from a retailer use your first and last name, add your order number to the address and then use the address provided when you complete your order. This lets us find your order when it comes in by order number or your full name. We will carefully disassemble and modify Please allow a 2 week turn around from when we receive your POG to complete your mod!



Rick Matthews obsesses over every last detail to make the highest quality and intuitive products available. This commitment to excellence is on full display with the POG Mod.
● High-grade wiring
● Designed from scratch daughter board
● MIDI in jack
● 30 available presets

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