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Matthews Effects

The Architect N.004

The Architect N.004

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The Architect V4 offers a unique reinterpretation of the legendary Klon circuit. Setting itself apart, Matthews Effects elevates this legendary design by incorporating an active three-band EQ, allowing you to sculpt the overdrive's tone more uniquely. Offering four distinct clipping modes, this pedal seamlessly pairs with any guitar/amp combination. The boost channel introduces two independent circuits, providing extensive control over your tonal landscape. Whether you're crafting layered, clean boosts, dynamically shaping your amp with powerful EQ adjustments, or cranking up the gain for earth-shaking tones, the Architect V4 invites endless possibilities for exploration and sonic innovation.



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  • Highlights


    I wanted to add a little extra functionality by adding the ability to control the bypass, clipping and boost options via MIDI. The Architect has MIDI In and Out 3.5mm jacks.

    Redesigned EQ

    I have redesigned the 3 band EQ from the ground up! I think its the best its ever been!

    Circuit Order

    You can now change the order of the boost and overdrive! Have the boost before or after the overdrive!

    New Clipping options

    Like always you can choose Silicon and D9E Germanium diodes but now you can also choose RED LED's and JFET for new overdrive tones!

    Redesigned True Bypass

    The Architect has true bypass for both circuits and redesigned from the V3.

    increased output

    The V4 Architect has increased output for better functionality when running the pedal at low gain settings.


    I've eliminated the toggle switches for circuit and clipping choices, opting instead to utilize RGB LEDs to clearly indicate the selected option.

    New custom enclosure!!

    We love these new folded enclosures!!

  • Circuits

    The Architect offers a wide range of overdrive and boost tones!

    K Style Overdrive

    I've long aspired to craft a distinctive take on the K style overdrive, steering clear of mere replication of the original circuit. This overdrive not only avoids cloning but promises an entirely unique sonic journey for you to explore.


    The architect not only features one boost circuit, but two! These circuits are entirely distinct and can be seamlessly switched between. Additionally, you have the flexibility to position the boost either before or after the overdrive circuit based on your preference.

    Overdrive Clipping options

    Violet - Jfet
    Red - LED
    Blue - Silicon
    Green - Germanium

    Boost Circuit options

    Red - Mosfet Boost - inspired by SHO
    Blue - Silicon Boost = inspired by LPB-1

  • Technical


    True Bypass

    Top Mounted Input And Output Jacks

    9VDC Center Negative 120MA

    2.67 X 4.77 X 1.55

  • Control Summary

    Output - Controls the volume of the overdrive circuit

    Gain - Controls the gain of the overdrive

    Boost - Adjusts the volume of the boost circuit

    Low - Boost or cut the low frequencies

    Mid- Boost or cut the mid frequencies

    High - Boost or cut the high frequencies