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Matthews Effects

The Whaler V2

The Whaler V2

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Instead of re-creating an existing fuzz circuit, the Matthews Effects Whaler v2 fuzz pedal is an all-original fuzz design that sounds absolutely monstrous. Now in its second generation, the Whaler v2 adds another gain stage, which drastically increases its sonic range. Whether you’re after subtle breakup or full-on mayhem, you’ll find it here. Guitarists at Sweetwater especially appreciate the Squish control, which gives you easy access to how smooth or ragged the fuzz sounds. If you still haven’t found your ideal fuzz tone, you definitely need to check out the Matthews Effects Whaler v2 fuzz pedal.
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  • Highlights

    Finally, a fuzz pedal with midrange control

    The Whaler’s Body control is basically a midrange boost/cut control. Dial it back for scooped-mids tones, or crank it up for a girthy midrange boost. Combined with the Tone control, you’ll discover a fuzz tone for practically any musical style in the Whaler v2 fuzz pedal.

  • Controls

    Output - The overall volume of the circuit.

    Sustain - Control the amount of gain

    Squish - Adjust the voltage of the circuit.

    Tone - A BMP style tone stack that goes from bright to dark

    Body - Lets you adjust the "Mids" of your signal

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  • Technical


    Top Mounted Input And Output Jacks

    9VDC Center Negative 100MA

    2.67 X 4.77 X 1.55